Interactive 3D floor plans

Whether you are selling, designing, managing or servicing a space, 2D and 3D floor plans make it easier and faster to communicate your ideas, share real time updates and help your clients and colleagues understand the space.

✓     Share online virtual tours

✓     Use interactive 2D & 3D models

✓     Export as IFC, PDF & JPEG

A picture that paints sixty thousand words

Our brains take in visual information 60,000 times faster than text. Use floor plan visualisations to communicate information and ideas faster. Be it a room booking service or a new office design concept, clear and easily accessible visualisations will help your clients make decisions faster.

360 virtual tours

360 virtual tours

Show your clients the true potential of the space with a virtual 3D floor plan walk-through. Click through the model, let it play automatically, or use bookmarks and the mini-map to navigate.

360 virtual tours

Easy property profiles

Quickly build and export property profiles that can show 2D floor plans, 3D model stills and useful property data. Easily customize the layout and add your own branding.

360 virtual tours

High resolution renderings

Use our high-resolution rendering services for those important pitches to show the space at its absolute best. Speak to our team to find out more about rendering services.

How it works

floor plan

1. Give us a floor plan

Send us a PDF, an image, or a model of a floor.

2. Get a building model

We turn your floor plan into digital assets and structured data.

3. Use it everywhere

View your space in 3D, generate renderings, analyze space information, and integrate your model anywhere you need it.

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