Understanding how Archilogic works for your team

How it works

Clean and structured spatial data that generates a 3D model, a 2D floor plan and useful building information that you can use anywhere.

Customize & brand your 2D & 3D floor plan
Access your building model from anywhere
Super fast turnaround, usually 1 working day

Getting started is easy


Step 1: Send us a floor plan

Submit floor plans in image or PDF format, and include a scale reference so that we can create an accurate model.

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Step 2: Get a building model

You'll receive a building model - usually within 24 hours! - that can be viewed, edited, analyzed, managed, and integrated with apps, services, and websites.

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Step 3: Use it everywhere

Whether you need to sell offices, design spaces, build services, manage properties, or automate processes, you can now use your building model to create experiences and solve problems that rely on an understanding of interior space.

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Why our customers love us

Quick online access
Experience the highest-performance web-based building models.
Interactive floor plans
Navigation around your space is easy and intuitive in both 2D and 3D.
Fast digitization
Most building models are completed in just one business day and are ready to customize.
Beautiful 3D models
Bring your space to life with stunning 3D assets that you can experience from any angle.
Easy integration
Our SDK and API make it easy to interact with and embed our models everywhere.
Dedicated service
Our account managers work closely with you to make sure you are set up for success.

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In the meantime, click on the spaces below to explore an Archilogic 3D model.