Archilogic's Eames House on Archdaily

May 17, 2015
The Archilogic team had an amazing time creating this 3D model of the Eames house for the Archdaily website.
Archilogic's Eames House on Archdaily

We're proud to say that Frederic Schwarz and Pascal Babey's Archilogic model of the Eames House was featured on Archdaily, the world's biggest architecture website. 

Our first feedback on the Eames house

As Alexa Carrasco wrote, over on Curbed, "playing with Archilogic's new virtual Eames House is such a challenging, exciting experience. Designed like a Sims for midcentury furniture fanatics, the site gives users the ability to reimagine the famed layout with an army of options and furniture including chairs, tables, beds and even Ikea items."

International publications

What was also satisfying was seeing the article inspire articles regarding the Eames house in Mexico and Brazil
Our thanks to the translator, Natalia Yunis.
We hope to have the chance to establish such a widespread visibility for our next 3D architectural models.

Our next projects

As architecture fanatics, most of us at Archilogic enjoy making 3D models of houses that exist (sometimes as tangible works of arts, or sometimes as pure concepts yet to be built).
We hope to have the opportunity to create many more models like this one in the future.
Currently we are thinking about producing Richard Neutra's Omega house.

If you would like to see a specific architectural concept come to life, let us know in the comments below.

We always love getting new ideas for 3D models to share on our blog and around the web.

It's our way of enjoying architecture!

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