Making a virtual tour with Archilogic

February 18, 2015
You can now create virtual tours for your 3D models. All Archilogic real estate models come with a virtual tour that you can customize.
Making a virtual tour with Archilogic

We love movies. We especially love movies in which buildings are the main protagonist.

This is why we decided to add a new feature to our 3D models that would enable our users to create a virtual tour of their real estate 3D model on the fly.

So we decided to include an animation feature that you can use to walk (or fly) through your own model.
It's a great tool for presentations as it helps you create virtual tours to show friends around, whether it's a Miami condo or a haunted hotel.

An intro to architectural animation

Architectural animation offers many possibilities to create a unique and engaging virtual tour of a real estate property.
The animation you create will fly smoothly between all the views that you bookmark.
Your virtual tour will be looping seamlessly at the end.

Changing views

You can make new views, reorder them, or duplicate them with a click. It's that easy with Archilogic! Keep in mind that you can share your presentation just as easily.
Think of it as your own personal cinematographer. It's a little bit like having Alain Resnais or Stanley Kubrik as your office intern.
We can't help you recreate that experience but we hope this new feature will inspire you to create a video showcase highlighting the best features of each digitized property.

Take a peak at a 3D virtual tour

Going further with architectural animation

You can always check the Archilogic documentation to find out more about this Archilogic feature.
We constantly develop new features available in our dashboard to help our clients do more with 3D and virtual reality.

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