How to export your Archilogic 3D model as an IFC file

How to export your Archilogic 3D model as an IFC file

In this article, we continue our journey to explore the different services that Archilogic offers. Once you’ve converted your 2D floor plan into a standard 3D model you will have a wide array of different possibilities. For instance, downloading a digitally optimised 2d floor plan as a PDF or JPG file , sharing the space online with customers or coworkers. You can even export your 3D floor plan as a 3D IFC file that can be imported into BIM (Building Information Modeling) software such as Revit. IFC is an open file format and ISO standard to describe building and construction data developed by buildingSMART.

To use the export functionality, simply log into your Archilogic dashboard and click on the model that you want to export as a 3D IFC model.

Image of 3D floor plan and export button

Once you’ve clicked on a model, it will open with the “View” tab active. By clicking on the “Export IFC Model” button you will automatically export the Archilogic 3d model in this file format.

Keep in mind that the app only works with models that were either created by Archilogic or created using the Archilogic 3D editor. It won’t work with 3D models that were created in 3rd party 3D software and then imported into the Archilogic editor.

You can now import the downloaded IFC file into Revit and continue working on it or also use a free IFC viewer such as Solibri to take a look at it.

Image of exported 3D model

And that’s all you need to know to export an IFC file of your Archilogic 3D model. Happy exporting!

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