How to use the Archilogic Dashboard

How to use the Archilogic Dashboard

Dashboard Overview

Archilogic strives to create intuitive and easy-to-use tools that provide you with valuable insights. This blog post aims to answer all questions that may pop up at the starting point of Archilogic services, the Dashboard.

The Dashboard is split into three different parts. The header on top where the search bar, the “Add floor plan” button and the account settings are located, the sidebar on the left with the folders, and the main area in the center with your Archilogic plans.

Creating Folders

After using Archilogic for a while and converting a few of floor plans you will notice that things might get a bit cluttered. Folders are a good way to prevent this and help order your Archilogic spaces. Read this how-to article to learn how to create and manage folders within the Archilogic Dashboard to find out more.

Opening a Space

To open one of your plans, click on the thumbnail in the center of the Dashboard. This will lead you to the view mode of the selected plan. Here you will be able to toggle between the 2D floor plan and 3D model.

Contacting Support

If you have any questions regarding Archilogic services contact support by clicking on the envelope icon in the lower right corner of the Dashboard. We will respond as quickly as possible via email!

Upload a floor plan

To add a new floor plan to your Dashboard click on the Add floor plan button in the top right corner of the Dashboard. This will open the order form where you can upload the floor plan and provide additional information, such as the name and location of the property. You can either drag and drop a JPG, PNG or PDF file into the grey box of the order form or paste the URL of the image into the form field below the grey box.

Remember that the quality of the conversion depends on a couple of different points. Make sure that the floor plan has sufficient resolution and that the numbers, texts, and lines on it are easily readable. If you only have a paper floor plan, try to flatten it as much as possible before scanning and, if taking a photo, be sure to take it from directly above to avoid any distortion. In addition, make sure that the floor plan has some measurements on it so that we can scale it correctly.
Once you’re done, click Upload and Archilogic will send the converted plan to your Dashboard — typically on the next working day .

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