Your 3D floor plan is now faster, easier and more beautiful.

May 5, 2021
Your 3D floor plan is now faster, easier and more beautiful.

We’ve released a great selection of new features to your dashboard recently, so we’d like to give you a quick guide to what’s new.

Filmstrip Navigation

We are very excited to announce the release of the new filmstrip navigation in the 3D viewer.Your existing bookmarks are now available as a filmstrip of thumbnail images. This makes it even easier to navigate around the 3D model of your digital property and exhibit the space to your clients. Take a look.

12+ new styles for 3D floor plans

You can make your digital properties even more beautiful with our new style library. Instantly switch from a single line monochromatic look to a colourful format that makes your interior assets stand out. These styles are ready for you to try out on any of your properties in the View tab of your dashboard. Go to your dashboard.

Note that this is currently a beta feature that can be presented but not embedded or shared via link yet.

Custom digital floor plans

You now have even more options to customize your 2D floor plan in your dashboard’s Print tab. This means you can add a personal touch and share your plans in a way that works best for you.New options include floor plan rotation and room dimension types, including a best-fit option for when you need a quick JPEG and PDF export.You can find more detailed information on how to use the print functions on this dedicated post.

Last but not least, your viewer is now 4 x faster!!

We know how important client presentations are for you and your business, so we’ve made the 3D floor plan viewer experience ever smoother. Whether it is a large office or a small suburban apartment, your floor plan will come to life in 3D four times faster, helping you make the best first impression. Go to your dashboard now to try out these new features

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