Archilogic for Design Technologists

Design the right space in less time

Clean and structured spatial data that generates a 3D model, a 2D floor plan and useful building information that you can use anywhere.

Focus design resources on the important tasks

Digitize your floor plan and get a useful online building model full of semantic data. No heavy CAD files or technical expertise are involved. Anyone in your business can access and understand the building information and be updated instantly.

Iterate quickly

View and edit your designs directly from your Archilogic model. Drag and drop furniture items and easily view your edits in 3D. Quickly iterate room layouts by using the test fit function to automatically furnish rooms based on their size and purpose.

Keep your information flowing

Release yourself from the dated document-based change management cycle. Use intuitive, web-based tools to collaborate with customers, stakeholders, and your design team. Your design changes can be updated instantly, meaning stakeholders will automatically have the latest version.

How it works

floor plan

1. Give us a floor plan

Send us a PDF, an image, or a model of a floor.

2. Get a building model

We turn your floor plan into structured data.

3. Use it everywhere

View your space in 3D, generate renderings, analyze space information, and integrate your model anywhere you need it.

Renderings in hours instead of weeks
Actual Archilogic rendering

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