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Archilogic makes building information accessible without hassle, empowering anyone to build apps and experiences that understand interior space.

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Our Story

Imagine building a location-aware app without a mapping platform to build on top of - that's the world of interior space, until now.  Archilogic is a platform that makes it easy for space marketers, planners, operators, and software developers to build applications and experiences without the unnecessary complexity created in the design and construction phases of the lifecycle of a building.  By delivering useful abstractions of space as highly structured data models, and disseminating that information through SDKs and APIs, we're drastically lowering the barrier to entry for innovation in the world of interior space.

What we Value



We are lifelong learners

We’re driven by a desire to constantly learn more.

We refuse to be constrained by what exists and by the way things have always been done.

We take calculated risks to find great solutions, even if we experience failure along the way.



We do what we say we'll do

We are tenacious about solving our customer's problems.

We act our way into thinking, rather than thinking our way into acting.

We’re confident in our efforts and optimistic about their outcomes, even if we risk failure.



We confront unknowns with confidence

There is no "seat at the table" every voice is heard and every idea is considered, everyone contributes to the success.

We support each other's growth by giving honest feedback that holds each other accountable without shaming or blaming, including owning our part.

We encourage and support each other when we stumble, so we can recover and learn quickly.



We do the right thing

We act ethically in order to uphold the value of our people, product, brand, and company.

We are self-aware and remain right-sized in all of our interactions.

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Aaron Fritsch
VP Growth

If you’re ready to be part of the team that’s taking on the building-design-software giants of yesteryear, we’d love to work with you and make it happen.