Reshape an industry.
Thrive individually.
Grow together.

Explore a remote-first, flexible career opportunity and join our mission to make building information accessible without hassle, empowering anyone to build apps and experiences that understand interior space.

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Join out team

Explore a remote-first, flexible career opportunity and join our mission to make building information accessible without hassle, empowering anyone to build apps and experiences that understand interior space.

Reshape an Industry

We want challenge-seekers and problem-solvers

We’re here to solve big, complex problems that will have a real impact on the physical spaces around us. So we hire bright, curious people who are committed to creating a whole new category.

Together, we’re transforming how buildings work with spatial data, making them more adaptable, more efficient, more sustainable – and better for human beings, too.

What our team says

I joined Archilogic because I love ideas about automating creative fields, and generating 3D floors and interiors from scratch is really impressive. 3D is my passion! I stay at Archilogic because it is an amazing team. There isn’t a strong hierarchy, rather a strong group of professionals. This is a great work atmosphere to improve skills and find new friends.

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Frontend Engineer

I joined Archilogic because being a part of a young company with a mission to have an impact on the real estate industry was very appealing to me. I stay at Archilogic because I learn new things every day. My advice on how to be successful at Archilogic is to always stay curious.

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Solutions Specialist

I joined Archilogic because as a developer I wanted to be closer to the product and work within an interesting business domain. I stay because the atmosphere is really supportive, it embraces continuous learning while creating and redefining the product. I'm very glad I found Archilogic among the many other job offers. It's really a place where I feel that my contribution is significant.

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Backend Engineer

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Thrive individually

We’re building a world-class working culture

We’re ambitious, but we also want to grow sustainably and thoughtfully for the long term.
No blowing up and burning out for us.
We believe that if you trust people to work when they want, in the way they want, everyone wins.
That open, honest conversations build confidence and respect.

What we value



We are lifelong learners
We’re driven by a desire to constantly learn more. We refuse to be constrained by what exists and by the way things have always been done. We take calculated risks to find great solutions, even if we experience failure along the way.



We do what we say we'll do
We are tenacious about solving our customer's problems. We act our way into thinking, rather than thinking our way into acting. We’re confident in our efforts and optimistic about their outcomes, even if we risk failure.



We confront unknowns with confidence

There is no "seat at the table" every voice is heard and every idea is considered, everyone contributes to the success. We support each other's growth by giving honest feedback that holds each other accountable without shaming or blaming, including owning our part. We encourage and support each other when we stumble, so we can recover and learn quickly.



We do the right thing

We act ethically in order to uphold the value of our people, product, brand, and company. We are self-aware and remain right-sized in all of our interactions.

Perks and Benefits

Home office budget

New employees get 500 CHF/USD/Euro to help set up or upgrade their home office, and 300 CHF/USD/Euro each subsequent year.

Employee referral program

We pay our employees 3000 CHF/USD/Euro for referring successful new team members.

Remote working environment

We are remote first, not just remote friendly. Our team members are free to live and work where they please provided the time zones work for their teams.

Company get-togethers

Even though we think working remotely is awesome, we also provide opportunities to bring people together for team and whole company gatherings.

Workspace Allowance

We will pay up to 100 CHF/USD/Euro per month toward any shared workspace fees.

Professional development

Budget of 1000 CHF/USD/Euro/ per year. Use this to pay for classes, conferences, and books to help you develop the skills you need to be your best.

Paid time off and holidays

We offer at least twenty-five days of paid time off plus a list of country specific holidays based on where you live.

Paid Parental Leave

While laws differ by location we offer at least fourteen weeks of paid maternity leave and four weeks of paternity/spouse leave after the birth or adoption of a child.

Virtual get-togethers

Get to interact with people outside your team at  our virtual happy hours, trivia nights, and other online team events.

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Grow together

A global team

Because brilliant people are rare, we look for them everywhere. That means we set the standard for remote working, so you’ll benefit from a positive office culture – even without being in an office.

Sound like we can be a great fit for each other?

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