Space Editing

The easiest way to keep floor plans up-to-date

Keep your digital floor plans in sync with your physical spaces without compromising data accuracy and integrity.

Data Maintainability

Built for space management on the web

Built with space managers in mind, we made complex 3D geometry editing effortless with a user-friendly interface, empowering anyone to maintain accurate digital replicas of their physical spaces easily.

data maintainability
asset updates in 3D
Smart Configuration

Configure space with 3D elements, not 2D lines

Keep your digital twins up-to-date with an editor that works for everyone. Create and modify spaces, and furnish them with 3D walls, doors, and furniture - all without the need for professional resources or expensive hardware.

Version Control

Experiment with layouts confidently

With built-in autosave and version control, you can make changes to your space layouts in real-time and revert to previous versions if needed.

Experiment with layouts confidently

Publish once, update everywhere

Instantly propagate digital twins updates to all integrated systems with one click, ensuring all teams have the latest information at their fingertips. Save time and improve efficiency by eliminating the need for manual updates and endless email chains.

What users think

The Archilogic platform encapsulates all the difficult parts of adding floor plans to our application. From generating the floor plan to rending in 2d and 3d, the Archilogic feature set allows us to focus on our product without drowning in technical complexity.

Jason Smith

Jason Smith

User Experience Engineer

Archilogic's developer tools allow us to rapidly integrate detailed floorplans with Akenza's Business Intelligence modules, so we can directly create value for our customers and support them on their digitalization missions.

a man with a beard

Michael Poglonik

Partner Manager  
@ Akenza AG

With Archilogic, we can design and visualise circular workspace solutions for our clients within days. Easy to use and visually stunning, it really helps us at NORNORM on our mission to redefine workspaces. With the excellent developer tools provided, we aim to build even more functionality around Archilogic going forward.

a man with glasses

Peter Kjellman

Product Information Manager  

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Digitizing Space with Archilogic

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Learn about traditional approaches to digitizing interior space, and how Archilogic takes a different approach in order to serve the needs of organizations at scale more efficiently.
February 24, 2023
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Forward-thinking organizations use Archilogic to manage over 40 million sqft across 2,000+ floors every month. Join them.

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