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Archilogic is a platform that makes it easy for real estate professionals to use digital representations of their space to solve meaningful problems and deliver powerful experiences.

Floor plans, 3D models and building data that’s all connected

How it works

floor plan

1. Give us a floor plan

Send us a PDF, an image, or a model of a floor.

2. Get a building model

We turn your floor plan into digital assets and structured data.

3. Use it everywhere

View your space in 3D, generate renderings, analyze space information, and integrate your model anywhere you need it.

Space for developers

We believe that software engineers are first-class citizens when it comes to building information. We focus on creating useful, common-sense abstractions of space and assets that help you deliver scalable, elegant experiences across platforms.  

With Archilogic's SDKs and APIs, you'll be able to digitize, manage, visualize, analyze, and integrate your entire space portfolio in a matter of days - all without involving an architect.

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Code Samples


An application demonstrating drag-and-drop seat assignment on spaces using our Floor Plan SDK


A room booking management application that uses our Space API to store room reservation information and our Floor Plan SDK to display space availability


A support ticket management application that uses our Space API to store ticket information related to specific spaces
Archilogic for Design Technologists

Optimize and automate your design process

Make changes easily, get feedback early, and understand the impact of design decisions in real-time.

Archilogic for Sales & Marketing

Show the full potential of your space

Generate breathtaking visualizations of space that close deals faster.

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Get up close and personal with an Archilogic space. Click on the spaces below to explore an Archilogic 3D model.

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