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The Archilogic Platform

We provide a scalable onboarding service for digitizing floor plans, a suite of native applications for managing them and keeping them up to date - and a marketplace of third-party systems, services, and product offerings that you can integrate with.

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AI Ready

Unlock potential with AI-ready spatial data

Make AI-readiness a priority so you can leverage artificial intelligence to manage, visualize, and query your portfolio of spaces. Our digital representations of your real estate portfolio are built on top of an organized, structural data model, not polylines or static images, positioning you to take advantage of AI tools for an enhanced understanding of your space so you can optimize it with confidence.

Why Archilogic

Technology-centric space management

Connect apps, products, and services with your Archilogic digital twins. Explore the integrations below, build your own, or request an integration you’d like to see here.

Space onboarding

Digitize office floor plans quickly

Send us whatever you have - from static PDFs to CAD drawings or BIM models - and we’ll deliver useful, meaningful digital twins of your space. Onboard your entire portfolio in days with our scalable, affordable service that can handle any volume of floor plans.

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Space management

Own your floor plans

Get full control over your floor plans, and manage them in a way that works best for you and your business with a centralized set of digital twins. No more document management, and no more being beholden to bespoke service providers and bloated real estate software. You control exactly who sees, uses, and shares information about your office space.

Space editing

No more poly-lining

Easily make changes to your office space - small and large - with an intuitive, web-based editor that lets you keep space up-to-date without needing to engage an Architect. And because it’s so easy, you can delegate the management of space to the people who actually manage it, so that you don’t have to wait for a central design team to make updates to floor plans.

Spatial analytics

Insights everywhere, in milliseconds

Quickly and easily access important information about your portfolio, and make informed decisions about how to best use and manage it. From checking space for adherence to design standards and space regulations, to asking detailed questions about what’s in space, get the insights you need instantly.

One floor plan, multiple places
Integrate your digital twins

One floor plan, multiple places

Stop managing redundant floor plans. Integrate your digital twins with any existing product or service, and use one central record of space in all of the products and services connected to it. For downstream systems and stakeholders who still require legacy data formats, share your spatial data in CAD and BIM formats, and in CSV.



See how Archilogic helps you build better applications that understand interior space.


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Digitizing Space with Archilogic

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Learn about traditional approaches to digitizing interior space, and how Archilogic takes a different approach in order to serve the needs of organizations at scale more efficiently.
February 24, 2023

Managing Floor Plans with Archilogic

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Eliminating the need for traditional document management or specialized CAD and BIM management systems with user-friendly, accessible tools for tracking and managing information about buildings, floors, spaces, and assets.
February 24, 2023
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Platform component

Platform component

For Partners
For partners
Build apps that understand space at scale
We give service providers the infrastructure they need to deliver products and services that understand floor plans at scale - so they can focus on delivering more value, faster.
For Occuipers
For Occuipers
Own your digital floor plans and use them everywhere
We give occupiers portfolio-wide control of their space so they can minimize cost, maximize utilization, and create the best possible experiences in their buildings.
What users think

Archilogic offers one of the quickest ways to digitize & centralize access to a portfolio of spaces. Add to that the ability to tap into information about each space across multiple locations, and you’ve got an awesome enabler for data-driven space management. As an architect, leveraging this connective approach opens numerous opportunities, from design standards conformity to code compliance reviews.

Carrie Schulz

Carrie Schulz

Architect | Design Director

Archilogic is changing the game for anyone that wants a central place to interact with all the workspaces they own as well as what's in them. Anyone not interested in leveraging this technology to save time and reduce the back and forth with outside service providers may need to have their head examined.

Wes Harper

Wes Harper

Director of Product

Archilogic was an indispensable partner in data extraction, enabling us to collect the data we needed within just four weeks. Without them, it would have taken us a whole year to obtain the same level of data granularity and quality.

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Quinn Eddins

Managing Director

With a superbly documented API, a great data model and a easy-to-use web SDK for both 2D and 3D rendering, Archilogic made it really easy for our technical team to integrate their floorplan engine into Nexudus.

Adrian Palacios

Co-Founder and CTO

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