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We are primarily serving companies that built applications that leverage spatial building data and floor plan integrations. Contact us to discuss your ideas - we’ll be happy to tell you whether we can help.



What do I need to get started?


All you need to get started is a floor plan in image format (jpeg, png, or PDF). Contact us in order to sign up for a trial and submit your floor plan through the dashboard.


Can I manage data related to space like space IDs and room numbers?


Yes. You can track and manage any information you'd like attached to any entity with an Archilogic model, whether it be a floor, space, or asset.


How can I connect models to other systems and services?


You can connect Archilogic models to any system or service that supports connectivity through a REST API. Our Space API delivers structured data and metadata at the building, floor, space, and asset level so that you can automate processes and gain insight into portfolios of space.


Can I make updates and changes myself?


Archilogic models are focused on interior space, so anything you can see in the space can be modeled and changed. Our editor allows you to modify layout elements like walls, doors, and windows, as well as fixtures, furniture, and equipment.


Can I place and manage IoT devices and sensors?


Yes. You can place assets of any type at a specific coordinate location within an Archilogic model, and infer that asset's location at any time in the future from within Archilogic's dashboard, on a floor plan using our Floor Plan SDK, or programatically using our Space API.


How does Archilogic relate to Integrated Workplace Management Systems (IWMS) and Computer-Aided Facilities Management (CAFM)?


Archilogic provides the spatial infrastructure upon which to build applications and experiences that understand interior space. Archilogic models can deliver geospatial information to IWMS and CAFM systems, or can act as a single source of truth for understanding interior space with IWMS and CAFM systems functioning as a data source. Archilogic models can be connected with any IWMS or CAFM system that supports interoperability via API.

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