How to navigate an Archilogic 3D model on a mobile device

How to navigate an Archilogic 3D model on a mobile device

The Archilogic 3D viewer is a highly optimized 3D engine that runs in your web browser and is able to handle large models with hundreds of interior objects. The lightweight and versatile qualities of the Viewer make it ideal to be used, not only on a desktop or laptop but also on mobile devices such as your phone or tablet.

This blog post shows you how to navigate an Archilogic 3D model on a mobile device. At first, the many control options may seem a bit daunting, but don’t worry, once you put a couple of minutes into learning the versatile controls, you won’t regret it.


Once you open an Archilogic 3D model you’ll see a few buttons beside the 3D model. This is a quick guide to what they do.

The three buttons in the lower left corner allow you to switch between the 2D floor plan view , the 3D bird-view , where you look down onto the 3D model from above and the first-person view where you can walk around within the 3D model at eye level.

These two buttons give you access to the camera bookmarks . With the first one, you can access the filmstrip menu that allows you to move to a specific place, while the play button will automatically fly through all the bookmarks one by one.

In the lower right corner, you can also go into fullscreen mode by pressing the fullscreen button.


On tablets, laptops, and desktop devices you can find a mini-map in the top right corner. Simply tab on any room of the minimap and the camera will immediately move you there. The minimap works for both the bird view and the first-person view mode. In the first-person view mode, the minimap will also show you the position of the camera within the 3D model.Due to the limited screen sizes, the minimap is not available on mobile phones.

Touch Navigation Birdview

To pan over the model, simply touch the middle of the screen and move your finger in any direction.

To rotate the camera, touch the screen in the lower or upper third and move your finger to the right or left

To tilt the camera touch the screen on the right side and move your finger up or downFinally, to zoom closer to the model touch the screen on the left side and move your finger up or down. Alternatively , you can also use the two-finger navigation scheme to move through your 3D model. By pinching you can zoom in or out of a specific location. Moving both your fingers horizontally lets you rotate the 3D model and moving them both vertically lets you tilt the 3D model.

Touch Navigation First-Person View

To move the camera in the first person view touch the screen of your device and move your finger upwards to push the camera backward, or move your finger downwards to move the camera forward.

Rotate the camera by moving your finger to the left or right.And that’s how you can experience Archilogic 3D models on a mobile device.

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