Introducing The New Archilogic Editor

November 2, 2021
Introducing The New Archilogic Editor

Biggest release to date gives more power and control to all stakeholders of space

For decades, building data has been inaccessible to different stakeholders throughout the building lifecycle. PDF floor plans were all we had. Historically, architecture and construction professionals developed the tooling and data required for their needs. The remainder of the building lifecycle - and let's face it, the vast majority - remained underserved. Changes and reconfigurations of space required professionals who were well-versed in using complicated BIM and CAD software.

Unlocking the potential of space

We built Archilogic because we believe that making building information accessible to everyone will unlock incredible value in how we use buildings - where we spend 90% of our time. To do that, we turn floor plans into 2D and 3D digital models. These structured, insightful, queryable data models work seamlessly in our own apps and when integrated with other products and services using our SDK and API.

Welcome to the Archilogic Editor

As our spatial needs, requirements, and realities change, so do the spaces we occupy.  We made the Archilogic Editor the core of our application environment because we understand how important it is to be able to accommodate such changes. In order to ensure that this is possible, our Editor is getting its biggest upgrade ever.

With the Archilogic Editor, you can create spaces from scratch, intuitively divide and reconfigure space, and bulk-edit assets and structural elements. Unlike other space modeling tools, Archilogic's web-based editor is elegant, powerful, and easy to use. Changes made in our Editor are immediately propagated everywhere you're using your models - so whether you're using Archilogic models as a visual base-layer for IoT sensor data visualizations or as 3D commercial office space walkthroughs on a listing platform - representations of your space will always be up-to-date.

This approach differs from a traditional, siloed approach where planning, visualizing, and integrating spatial data each require their own unique technology.  With Archilogic, you have everything you need to manage spatial data in one place.

Giving you more control than ever

The Archilogic Editor has built-in version control and publishing features. No need to worry about breaking integrations while working on next-gen spatial designs.

Whether you're in space planning, space operations, or space marketing, we believe the Archilogic Editor will help you supercharge your workflows. To join the public beta, create an account or log in. And please be sure to share your feedback!

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