A platform purpose-built to enable sellers and buyers of workspace to unlock the benefits of hybrid work.


Maximize the potential of hybrid work with KettleOS. Collect valuable data that enables your organization to optimize the impact of hybrid work on your business.Make data-driven decisions that positively impact people and real estate outcomes, while cultivating a flexible workplace experience where team members feel connected. From people to procurement, our solution delivers a new end to end view into how people are using space, both today and in the future.

Data Modeling & Predictive Demand Management

KettleOS brings disparate sources of data together to create a single source of truth, making it simpler than ever to make data-driven decisions. Leverage these insights to predict demand for different types of spaces, inform pricing strategies, and maximize revenue.

In-Depth Data Analysis

By providing a clear and comprehensive look at the data, KettleOS removes the clutter and leaves you with simple, digestible insights. A better understanding of what companies need enables owners and operators to offer and manage optimal bundles of conventional and flex space offerings, driving higher revenue and tenant retention.

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