UMA offers hybrid solutions that integrate Office365 and Google Workspace to connect your workplace calendar, collaboration software, and technology, resulting in valuable data insights and improved employee experiences.


UMA provides a single pane-of-glass dashboard that allows you to monitor and manage all the technology in your workplace.

Connect and manage your workplace technology in a centralised hub to drive data insight.

The transformational change in the workplace is happening to small and medium sized organisations as well as large enterprise and the benefits that UMA brings with its data-driven insight can help make all workplaces smarter.

UMA is helping organisations as large as the National Health Service (NHS) in the UK where space is at a premium.

Our customer base is diverse and includes Premier League Football teams, Accountants, Multi-national Financial Service firms and small Charities.

UMA’s competitive price point and ability to connect to equipment that is already in the workplace means that it is not cost-prohibitive and we have seen that a return on investment can be obtained regardless of the industry vertical or the size of company.

Forward-thinking organizations use Archilogic to manage over 40 million sqft across 2,000+ floors every month. Join them.

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