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Illuminating More Efficient Routes for Dark Stores

December 28, 2021

Aaron Fritsch

Illuminating More Efficient Routes for Dark Stores

A Dark Store is defined as a retail outlet or distribution center, where a consumer or delivery service will 'click-and-collect' online orders at a physical location.


Inefficient dark store layouts cause sluggish deliveries, confused shoppers, and customer complaints. Optimization of dark store layouts through the development and deployment of standards is extremely difficult at scale.


The solution to these challenges starts with digitizing space, which Archilogic solves by converting static plans or blueprints into 2D floor plans and 3D models. Once these models are created, spaces can be configured with entry and exit points, shelving, and refrigerators, and items can be assigned to shelves. Archilogic developed a route path optimization proof-of-concept that can automatically determine the most efficient route through a dark store so shoppers can get into the facility easily, collect their items quickly, and get out as fast as possible.

This unique route path optimization proof-of-concept creates a generic shopping basket by randomly assigning items from a predetermined list of items and calculates total trip time and walking distance at a particular walk speed and item delay (how long it takes a shopper to grab an item). The proof-of-concept allows you to pick any location in an Archilogic portfolio and run the same route path optimization. Walk speed and item delay can also be modified in order to identify the most ideal route.


Whether you have one or thousands of Archilogic plans, you can run the same analysis and achieve the same result.  Your software developers can build anything they want on top of these 2D and 3D models in order to accomplish your specific business goals. An application like the route path optimization proof-of-concept from Archilogic can help you reconfigure your space, speed up deliveries, increase shopper efficiency, and boost customer satisfaction.

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