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Inventory Invoicing

November 9, 2021

Aaron Fritsch

Inventory Invoicing Demo

Real estate supply chain management (SCM) is an essential process in the development of buildings. For many projects, one of the major components of SCM is the coordination, procurement, and purchase of FF&E items for the various interior building spaces.

Most, if not all, of these distinct items, such as desks, chairs, toilets, door handles, lighting fixtures, bookcases, computers, and other electronic equipment, are sourced from different vendors, and have unique specification information associated with them. In addition, because interior space layouts are often very specific to the functions of their corresponding spaces, and require continual fine-tuning both during and after the design/construction process, the path from choosing initial options for these physical assets to actually paying for them, is typically not linear. 

Real estate professionals often use SCM software to maintain an optimized inventory, reduce the supply/demand gap for tangible building assets, automate purchase order creation and payments, and reduce capital expenditure. However, one significant liability associated with traditional SCM tools is that they are not often integrated with BIM tools. 

This lack of interoperability results in a less efficient procurement process, where tangible asset information from building models is not updated automatically in SCM inventory databases as floor plans and their respective FF&E schedules change. This can cause considerable bottlenecks in the development process, which inevitably ends up costing time and money. 

Built With Archilogic - A Smart & Adaptive Invoicing Tool For Tangible Building Assets

Archilogic’s technology is paving the way for better spatial data integration and interoperability in the real estate and AEC industries. For us, it’s not just about visualization. It’s about clean, structured data and making it easier for more and more stakeholders to access that data to create custom applications that fit their needs. 

Visualization is just one of the useful byproducts of having a rich core data model. To illustrate the broader power of such a data model—like the ones we provide our customers—we took a closer look at inventory invoicing, which is just the tip of the SCM iceberg.   

This invoicing demo is an example of an adaptive, web-based tool for real estate inventory management that can be built with Archilogic’s SDKs & APIs. 

Using data-rich building models created with our platform, you can integrate the floor plan and 3D view visualizations of your spaces side-by-side with dynamic lists, including the breakdown of spaces, tangible FF&E assets in each space, and various other space details. Any information that can be extracted from the building model can be displayed in the app. If you make any changes to your space or inventory, all of the corresponding data is updated in real-time on the page.  

With this integration, you can easily pay for assets directly through the app. Clicking the shopping cart on the top right will bring you to a checkout page that contains all the furniture items in your model. You can also select a specific space and only purchase the furniture inside the selected space. Place an order to save your invoice as a PDF.

If you’re a software developer, you can use the Archilogic SDKs and APIs to recreate this prototype or build a similar application that is customized to your needs. 

You can use our Floor Plan Engine SDK to create the interactive, customizable floor plan model of your space, our 3D Embed API to embed the model into your invoicing app, and our Space API to gain REST access to any relevant entities, such as specific rooms and FF&E assets.

By using Archilogic’s semantic floor plan data, available through our developer tools, it’s never been easier to build useful applications like this smart invoicing tool, which provides real estate professionals with a more straightforward, responsive, and integrated solution for supply chain management. 

Keep an eye out for more Built With Archilogic examples coming soon!

In the meantime, check out our inventory invoicing demo.

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