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December 17, 2021


Akenza Occupancy Monitoring Solution

The Akenza IoT platform enables companies to develop smart building solutions more easily by bridging the gap between the physical world and the cloud. Our platform makes it possible to connect a wide variety of building IoT sensors (e.g. air quality, occupancy monitoring, heat meter) via different types of connectivity technologies (LoRaWAN, Sigfox, NB-IoT, LTE-M, 5G) and manage all the data in one place.

Our technology is particularly well-suited for facilities management and office space optimization. Installing occupancy sensors in buildings can drastically improve workspace management and ensure more efficient use and better maintenance of space. Building on our expertise in connectivity and device management, we developed a dedicated Business Intelligence Module application to read data from thousands of sensors and display it using custom digitized office maps, giving real-time snapshots of desk usage and room occupancy.

An Occupancy Tool for the Data-Driven Office

Our goal with this application was to give our customers the ability to have real-time overviews of their office spaces in order to unlock new possibilities for workspace optimization.

This required:

  • A quick and easy way to digitize existing floor plans.
  • A developer-friendly way to build a custom application to display IoT sensor data on top of those floor plans.

This is where Archilogic came in. 

First, we took advantage of Archologic’s floor plan conversion service to create structured building models from existing floor plans. This took care of digitizing the office layouts.

One of the other challenges of making the captured building data accessible was solving the problem of visualizing it in a way that building occupants and facilities managers could use easily. 

We then used Archilogic’s Space API—which provides a REST interface for relevant entities such as floors, spaces and furniture assets—to build our Occupancy Monitoring solution, which allowed us to integrate and clearly display the building IoT sensor data on the digitized 2D floor plans directly in our platform.

The implementation of Archilogic’s solutions support us in a few key ways throughout the lifecycle of a building IoT sensor:

  • Locating sensors on the floor plan.
  • Pairing sensors with a physical asset, such as a meeting room or individual desk.
  • Visualizing data about  free/occupied desks/meeting rooms, noise levels, movement, etc.
  • Identifying sensor maintenance and replacement needs.

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