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IoT Lighting Demo

November 9, 2021


Lagarsoft IoT Demo

Lagarsoft is an information technology company at the intersection of technology and the built environment. We apply software engineering principles to solve problems in the AEC industry. From proof of concept validation and staff augmentation to software architecture, customization, and automation, we enable stakeholders to work smarter and have updated information at every moment and in every place.

IoT devices are a familiar part of everyday life these days. The smart home revolution has brought about a whole host of products like the Nest smart thermostat. These technologies give us the comfort of having more and more control when it comes to the spaces we occupy—our homes, our offices, and perhaps more so in recent times, our home offices. No matter where you are, having the ability to customize your indoor experience right from your mobile device, whether it be temperature, music volume, or lighting quality, is an aspect of spatial interaction that most customers demand.

The wireless link between the individual spaces on a floor plan and the devices and fixtures within them has therefore become crucial. Yes, of course you can still turn your lights on and off manually, but bridging that seemingly small gap with IoT-enabled tech opens the door to new opportunities for optimization and customization, with smart systems able to learn your preferences and increase convenience as well as energy efficiency in the process. With all these new areas for technology integration, we thought we’d take a stab at creating an app that might just light up your day.

Built With Archilogic - A Simple Interior Light Control Web App

With Archilogic’s solutions, the ability to build user-friendly IoT apps has never been easier. To prove it, we went ahead and built a super simple web app that lets you control your lights on a floor plan from any device so you know exactly which ones you’re turning on and off.

The app utilizes Archilogic’s Floor Plan Engine SDK v2.2.0 custom HTML marker, in addition to the LIFX API, to create an interface where you can easily control the lighting of an interior space with the click of a button. The overall floor plan of the space is visible and interactive: you can zoom in and out and pan to locate various rooms on your plan, and you can select a specific room you’d like to change the lighting in. By clicking on the lightbulb icons inside the room, you can turn lights on/off or dim them as necessary. This process can also be applied to speaker systems or other devices. 

With these tools from Archilogic, you can now build useful apps such as our light control web app. The accessible, semantic floor plan data from Archilogic’s Floor Plan Engine SDK allows you to integrate lots of amazing IoT-enabled solutions into your interior space experience. We’re excited to continue using the Archilogic platform to solve meaningful problems in the built environment!

Check out the IoT demo video on Vimeo.

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