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Mapbox Integration

April 8, 2021

Using Archilogic Floor Plans as Map Layers in Mapbox

Like Google Maps, Mapbox is a web mapping service that uses geocoding and geolocation via API. In their own words: “Mapbox is a developer platform used across industries to create custom applications that solve problems with maps, data, and spatial analysis. Mapbox's tools are building blocks that support every part of the web and mobile map-making process.” In essence, Mapbox has built the data infrastructure required to create applications that use maps. Designers and software developers can circumvent the arduous task of building geocoding applications from scratch, and focus on doing their best work in their own domain. 

What Mapbox fundamentally demonstrates is that when dealing with data on a large scale (in their case geographic and geospatial data) and needing to accommodate a wide variety of diverse user demands, the value of creating an accessible and uncomplicated platform is enormous. This is what Archilogic is doing for interior spatial data.

Linking Geographic Maps And Interior Space

In the same way that Mapbox componentizes their data infrastructure, Archilogic's building blocks make it easy to incorporate interior spatial data into any application, and integrate with Mapbox’s mapping components.

Archilogic simplifies the process for software developers to build apps and experiences that are aware of interior space, all without needing professional resources like Architects or General Contractors. With Archilogic’s technology, digitizing space is a lot less complicated than traditional tools. We provide structured building models that can be used to manage, edit, visualize, query, and integrate interior space designs via a set of SDKs and APIs

Using Mapbox with Archilogic's APIs and SDKs opens up endless possibilities for you to build seamless interactions between geographic maps and interior space. The integration allows you to take advantage of your digital interior space representations without having to duplicate data or invest in a new service.

This integration demo is an example of how you can use Archilogic's Space API to add floor plans to Mapbox as map layers. 

Using Mapbox, your project and its interior spatial conditions are represented in context on a real-world map. This is beneficial for understanding how interior spaces and, for example, egress paths and views relate to the larger site. It is a useful tool for site-specific design development as well as post-construction interior layout design or even wayfinding, where building occupants can benefit from being able to orient themselves in relation to interior spaces as they approach or move through the building. 

If you’re a software developer, you can use the Archilogic SDKs and APIs, in conjunction with Mapbox, to recreate this prototype or build a similar application that is tailored to your needs. 

You can use Archilogic’s Floor Plan Engine SDK to create the interactive, customizable floor plan model of your space, 3D Embed API to embed the model into your Mapbox-integrated app, and  Space API to gain REST access to any relevant spatial entities, like specific rooms and corridors.

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Archilogic is an integral part of how we share our floor plans and designs with customers. It has become a critical part of our customer journey, so much so that we've embedded Archilogic's 3D models directly into our website. In the first 30 days we had the 3D embeds live on our website, we saw over 3,000 click-throughs to our Archilogic pages (100 per day). Our customers love how much visibility Archilogic gives them into the product they are buying.

Nish Budhraja, Director of Product @ Habitat

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Michael Poglonik, Partner Manager  @ Akenza AG

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Yasmin Richter, Digital Manager @ JLL

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