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Office Adjacency Calculator

November 9, 2021

Aaron Fritsch

Making Room with an Allocated Space Solution

Whether you’re moving, signing a new lease, building from scratch, renovating, or taking the first steps in finding something new, it doesn’t really matter how great a space is if it doesn’t fit your needs. Whether it’s a business looking or an agent with a property, maximizing your asset comes down to determining and managing usable space through creative and dynamic solutions.

For businesses, the question about whether or not an office is right often comes down to capacity (how many desks they need, what room for growth they anticipate, etc), legal requirements, operational logistics, business culture, design, density, and key ratios for the space. For a company managing a large portfolio of properties, it’s crucial they know how many spaces they have available and the absolut limits of the configurations they can create to accommodate solutions for their client. Unfortunately, by the time a sales representative or agent has a potential client on the phone, they’ll more than likely lose the sale if they don’t have a dynamic, responsive, and in real time means for accurately addressing a client’s highly specialised needs.

The Archilogic Office Adjacency Calculator is designed as an elegant, dynamic solution that allows sales representatives and real estate managers an easy way to allocate spaces for potential tenants and clients without having to endure the dreaded sales cycle.

Built With Archilogic - How the Office Adjacency Calculator Works

In a scenario where an office manager calls needing a 20-desk space (14 desks now with room for 6 more over the next 12 months), a sales representative can open up the Office Adjacency Calculator to identify a cluster of adjacent offices whose collective total equals, or is slightly higher, than 20. This block of offices quickly becomes a dynamic, 20-desk space.

For the sales representative or real estate agent, the current process is clunky, inefficient, and likely to result in countless lost revenue. The dream solution would be a seamless, elegant tool that quickly manages occupancy with smart search and dynamic results.

When creating the Office Adjacency Calculator, we recognized that, at minimum, the underlying office management infrastructure we create needs to understand the availability of all offices currently managed, the capacity of each office, the layout of the offices on each floor, and which offices are adjacent to one another.

In reality, most of that pertinent information is not available or is distributed across multiple systems, making it difficult and inefficient to access.

Conceptually, our solution stitches the individual systems that house all the necessary information together, keeping it insync. However, there’s still the consideration of office adjacency and putting the solution in front of a non-technical user in a way that is modern, intuitive and effortless.

As a result, the Archilogic prototype has been developed in two versions that each use one source of information while understanding office adjacency and delivering the experience natively on the web. This means users don’t have to rely on document-based architectural software like AutoCAD, Revit, or SketchUp.

The result is a tool that quickly and efficiently analyzes office metadata (in a fun, nerdy, scalable way) and its understanding of adjacency by using actual office geometry to find intersections that recursively aggregate the result.

The Office Adjacency Calculator makes it easy for real estate professionals to use digital representations of their space to solve meaningful problems while delivering powerful experiences.

You can use Archilogic’s Floor Plan Engine SDK to create the interactive, customizable floor plan model of your space, 3D Embed API to embed the model on your website, and  Space API to gain REST access to any relevant spatial entities, like specific rooms and corridors.

Check out the Office Adjacency Calculator demo.

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