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Real Estate Listing Page

December 16, 2020

Real Estate Property Listing Page

In real estate, closing deals quickly and efficiently is a top priority. In order to make this happen, developers need to make the process run as smoothly as possible and clients need to have access to all information about the property throughout the process—especially if aspects of the property are still in flux. 

Real estate sales and marketing professionals have the important job of facilitating the sales process and closing deals, which involves communicating a thorough overview of the property to clients and potential buyers, and creating property listings that are informative, engaging, and up to date. A crucial component of listings is the visual representation of the properties, as real estate relies heavily on visual appeal. Traditionally, listings have included various types of visualizations, from property photographs to floor plans to renderings. 

The challenge with static imagery is that oftentimes developments are not 100% complete when the marketing and sales process begins, or they may be fully constructed but certain final floor plan layout and furnishing modifications may still be underway. In these instances, changing the property imagery can take a lot of time because typically the project architect will exclusively have access to the tools necessary to update floor plans and visuals. New web-based spatial tools are improving this workflow and are likely to have a significant impact on property marketing.

Built With Archilogic - A Property Listing Page With An Embedded, Dynamic 3D Model

Archilogic’s solutions are breaking barriers to the accessibility and flexibility of spatial tools and interior space data so that more and more stakeholders in the AEC and real estate industries can create custom applications that fit their needs. To demonstrate the potential of our technology to impact real estate marketing, we looked at property listing pages. 

This listing page demo is an example of a property marketing tool that can be built with Archilogic’s SDKs & APIs. Using Archilogic 3D models, you can link custom fields, images, locations, descriptions, and other important information, to tell a compelling story about your property. You can also embed models directly into the listing page.

Here’s the game changer: since Archilogic models are web-based and dynamic, if you make any changes to it, all of its data is updated in real-time on the listing page. This means zero wait time for revised drawings and renderings. With the embedded model, you have access to the property floor plan view, 3D view, fully rendered walk-through functionality, view bookmarks, and automated virtual tours. You can also easily share the page or download an image of the listing.

If you are a software developer, you can use the Archilogic Floor Plan Engine SDK and 3D Embed API to recreate this prototype or build a similar application that is customized to your needs.

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Archilogic is an integral part of how we share our floor plans and designs with customers. It has become a critical part of our customer journey, so much so that we've embedded Archilogic's 3D models directly into our website. In the first 30 days we had the 3D embeds live on our website, we saw over 3,000 click-throughs to our Archilogic pages (100 per day). Our customers love how much visibility Archilogic gives them into the product they are buying.

Nish Budhraja, Director of Product @ Habitat

“Archilogic is the fastest, most user-friendly space planning platform on the market and has helped us to deliver quality design projects customer after customer. We love working with the team behind the product too!”

Margaret Marsh, Product Manager @ Canoa Supply

“Archilogic's developer tools allow us to rapidly integrate detailed floorplans with Akenza's Business Intelligence modules, so we can directly create value for our customers and support them on their digitalization missions.”

Michael Poglonik, Partner Manager  @ Akenza AG

“The 3D model solution helps JLL to showcase real estate offerings to clients in an innovative way. It brings the digital experience alive to enhance the client experience.”

Yasmin Richter, Digital Manager @ JLL

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