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Room Booking App

December 17, 2021


Lagarsoft Room Booking Prototype

Lagarsoft is an information technology company at the intersection of technology and the built environment. We apply software engineering principles to solve problems in the AEC industry. From proof-of-concept validation and staff augmentation to software architecture, customization, and automation, we enable stakeholders to work smarter and have updated information at every moment and in every place.

In today’s world, spaces can’t just be comfortable and well-lit—they need to be smart. The use of space is simultaneously becoming more specific and varied, resulting in the need to increase spatial flexibility as well as the efficient management of space usage. Consequently, how people interact with the diverse functions of spaces is becoming digitized to deal with these needs. 

Smart building technology is a key enabler of this changing landscape and many companies are jumping on board. From tracking building processes to empowering building occupants, smart tech is helping businesses use space in more efficient and productive ways.

Built With Archilogic - A Smart Way To Build A Room Booking App

Fortunately, the ability to build smart applications has never been easier. We were able to do so with the help of Archilogic, who provided us with the spatial data infrastructure for our app.

The intent behind this process was to build a simple prototype of a room booking app for managing room booking in a given space. 

The app utilizes Archilogic’s Floor Plan Engine SDK and Space API to create an interface where you can book a time slot to work in available office spaces on any given day. The overall floor plan of the space is visible and interactive: you can zoom in and out and pan to see which rooms are available, and you can click on a specific meeting room you’d like to use at a certain day/time and book it with your name, email, and meeting duration. 

Check out the Github Repo for more information!

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