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Sensor Data Visualization

November 9, 2021

STEINEL Solutions

STEINEL BMS & Sensor Data Visualization Solution

STEINEL Solutions AG unites a unique combination of technology and international production infrastructure. As a central point of contact for all OEM partners, we serve our customers with a complete package of product development, industrialization and manufacturing. Well-known market leaders as well as numerous hidden champions rely on the highly specialized electronics and system services from STEINEL Solutions. Because they know: We treat their products with the same care and passion as our own. 

Nowadays, an essential question for many companies is: “How does our product become part of the IoT world?” Demand has grown for new products, such as sensors and fixtures, to be connected and customizable for the best user experience when integrating them into spaces, whether at home or in the office. Customers are also increasingly interested in gathering data from their buildings via apps and web-based platforms, and visualizing that data to gain better insight into the inner workings of their spaces, from occupancy to lighting to indoor environmental quality (IEQ). 

Whether you’re an employee, CEO, or facilities manager, having access to a comprehensive dataset when it comes to interior spaces and building systems is becoming more and more common. From keeping track of manufacturer information to coordinating with third-party maintenance services to managing space usage and associated IoT sensor data, these stakeholders are after easy-to-use solutions that consolidate data and make it useful through strategic abstraction and visualization. For them, interoperability between the spatial data environment (where spatial assets are digitally represented, e.g. on a floor plan) and the IoT data environment is crucial. This is why new tools to solve these problems in integrated ways are winning over customers and bringing together innovators in both IoT and spatial software.

Built With Archilogic - An Interactive BMS Platform With Sensor Data Visualization

Turning back to the question at hand—giving our products IoT capabilities—we decided to connect our offices with new IoT sensors. We wanted to demonstrate an in-house solution as a demo case that would allow us to accomplish two main things:

  • Optimize lighting (group lighting, energy optimization, alerts/emergency lighting); and
  • Visualize meeting room data (temperature, humidity, occupancy)

With the help of the Archilogic platform, which provided us with a structured building model of our office via its 2D floor plan conversion service, we were able to create a simple and user-friendly solution, which can highlight basically anything in our office building that generates IoT data. 

This initial solution is the first step in building a more robust BMS platform that integrates a variety of accessible sensor data visualizations from office IoT sensors in real time. 

We used the Archilogic Floor Plan Engine SDK to create the platform’s interactive, customizable floor plan model and employed their Space API to gain REST access to the relevant spatial entities—in this case, the individual rooms and furniture assets in the office.

On the platform, the office building floor plans are visible and interactive: you can zoom in and out and pan to locate various rooms on each floor, and you can select a specific room or asset for which you’d like to see the associated IoT data. The menu on the left side of the page allows you to navigate to different floors in the building. 

We’ve equipped selected spaces with several STEINEL sensors and fixtures to highlight our product IoT features. Our integrated True Presence sensors measure real person recognition and IEQ factors, such as temperature and humidity, and send the data to the BMS platform via IP500. Our HPD2 sensors count how many people are in a room and send data directly to the platform via REST API. The RS Pro Connect sensor-switched LED indoor lights send data via IP500 & LoRaWAN for wireless control, such as basic light level, backlight, dimmable main light and emergency light.

With Archilogic’s solutions, we were able to bring our IoT products into a digital space environment and create a highly accessible and interactive BMS platform with sensor data visualization. Users now have a front row seat to their data and, with the integrated digitized floor plan, can clearly understand exactly where that data is coming from in the building. We are eager to keep working with Archilogic to build more tools that link spatial data to the world of IoT!

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