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November 9, 2021

Frederic Schwarz

Office Social Distancing Demo

The Covid-19 pandemic has turned the work environment completely on its head. Work is home, home is work. For many, the office has practically become non-existent in 2020. As businesses contemplate and plan for the gradual reintroduction of in-person work, along with various hybrid work models, one thing is certain: many of the safety precautions that are vital to curbing the spread of the virus will be key drivers in the design and reconfiguration of the interior spaces where employees will eventually return.

What will this look like logistically? Covid-19 safety measures will need to be codified into workplace design, policy, and culture. Social distancing, an essential pandemic response strategy, is one measure that has significant design implications. In order to understand them better and optimize for flexibility in addition to health and safety, web-based digital tools can be an incredible asset. By enabling businesses to tactically deploy online software, such as social distancing applications, to make sure office spaces are adaptable to new on-site requirements, the transition back to work will hopefully be a smooth one.

Built With Archilogic - A Social Distancing App for Safe Workplace Planning

Archilogic’s technology enables businesses, real estate developers, and office designers to generate multiple automated floor plan layout options quickly and easily. In response to the Covid-19 crisis, we wanted to demonstrate the potential of using our tools to help create safer, more transparent workspaces.

This demo is a social distancing app, which allows users to visualize office seating arrangements that comply with a range of distancing protocols. 

If you are designing or redesigning an office layout to follow social distancing rules, start by uploading your floor plan to the Archilogic Dashboard. Once your floor plan is digitized, you can furnish the spaces manually in the Editor or use our auto-furnishing feature to automatically place desks and furniture. You can then analyze any desk layout for social distancing compliance, and adjust the distance parameter (shown in both meters and feet) to match specific guidelines. For any given distance, the app displays the number of chairs that can be used in the current seating layout, along with compliant chairs in green and non-compliant chairs in red. Using the Archilogic Editor, you can modify your layout until you’ve created a plan that’s safe and effective for everyone.

If you are a software developer, you can use the Archilogic Floor Plan Engine SDK and Space API to recreate this application or build a similar one that is customized to your needs. 

You can use our Floor Plan Engine SDK to create the app’s interactive, customizable floor plan model and implement our Space API to gain REST access to all the relevant spatial entities for the app, such as office chairs. 

By taking advantage of Archilogic’s semantic floor plan data, available through our developer tools, it’s never been easier to build useful applications like our social distancing app, which can help to keep offices safe in the post-pandemic work environment. You can count on us to keep making interior space design and planning more accessible for everyone.

Check out the office social distancing demo.

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