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April 9, 2022
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Flex Office SaaS

UMA (UK) is a flex office SaaS platform that was built in response to the need for workplaces to innovate and digitally transform to improve user experiences, collaboration, reduce real estate costs and drive operational efficiency using technology and enhanced business intelligence. We strive to deliver a solution that responds to the following questions:

  • Can you effectively improve workplace culture with technology?
  • How can you simplify employee access to information, or the day-to-day process of getting a meeting started?
  • How can you help Facilities Managers understand how the workplace is being utilized and optimize your real-estate effectively using data?

The UMA team is passionate about user experience, the adoption of automation, data-driven business intelligence and machine learning to improve the workplace for employees and employers, and importantly to deliver a tangible return on investment.

UMA needed a way to digitize workplace floor plans at scale for both our web and mobile applications to enable our users to clearly see meeting room, desk and other resources in a way that would improve the booking process and allow us to deliver real-time occupancy analytics in a floor plan UI.

Archilogic’s solution delivered over and beyond our expectations and requirements. The flexibility of Archilogic’s SDK allowed us to seamlessly integrate with the UMA platform, enabling us to provide a new mechanism for users to book and manage their resources on an intuitive floor plan user interface while also providing the ability to view their workspace in a virtual 3D environment - an experience that has captivated UMA customers.

We considered developing a solution in-house as there are very few solutions in the market that could satisfy our requirements, but as this was not our core business and domain of expertise, we sought out 3rd party solutions.

We found alternate solutions to be inflexible, not designed for our use case, and more challenging to integrate.  Ultimately, we determined that Archilogic was the most intuitive and flexible solution of all options available.

The Archilogic team is very collaborative with a clear understanding of our goals and market opportunity with respect to space management, and we look forward to our continued partnership.

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