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Visualization of Real-Time Data

November 9, 2021


Realtime Data Demo

When Archilogic digitizes interior space, we create a data model that understands the relationship between all of the spatial elements within it. The model doesn’t think of a floor plan as a static image, but rather as a dynamic representation of the relationship between spatial elements.  Floors contain spaces, spaces contain assets, and collectively these can all be displayed visually as a layout.

This means that when you put a floor plan on the screen, you’re seeing so much more than a pretty picture. Each entity in the plan can be interacted with and connected to other entities or sources of information.  The visualization of the entities as a layout in a floor plan is a (fantastic) by-product.

Archilogic models visualized as floor plans in an application can be thought of as a blank canvas upon which endless possibilities for data visualization can occur.

Built With Archilogic - Visualization of Real-Time Data

To prove how endless the possibilities really are, we created a demo where we take a random source of real-time information (the Twitter API) and connect it programmatically to the elements within an Archilogic model.

When the demo first loads, it uses a set of pre-selected hashtags and randomly assigns them to spaces in an Archilogic model using our Floor Plan SDK.  When any new tweet includes one of these hashtags, the space on the floor plan lights up and the tweet is displayed.

This isn’t a hard-coded experience based on a single floor plan - you can swap any Archilogic model with the one loaded by default in this demo and get the same result (try it!).

Swap out the Twitter API with any other (presumably more relevant) source of information - like sensor data from IoT devices that are physically present in the space -  and create meaningful, interactive experiences that understand interior space.

Inspired? We’d love to see what you come up with using an Archilogic model and our Floor Plan SDK.  Sign up for a free account today to begin working with our APIs and SDKs in conjunction with demo models that you can interact with.  Show us how you’re using Archilogic models in your applications and experiences and we’ll showcase your work here on Built With Archilogic!

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