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Hey Facilities Managers!

Imagine a future where data about your space is centralized, available for the entire team to leverage. Getting information about your building - operational metrics, room occupancy, safety protocols, IoT analytics - will be as easy as a web search. In this future, all of this data will be integrated with information about the physical space they're happening in.

This is a future where more strategic portfolio-level decision making is possible, where buildings can adapt swiftly to the changing needs of occupants. This is a future where buildings are more efficient, sustainable, and inclusive. This is the direction we are championing.


Why Archilogic is a Game-Changer

Data Maintainability

Easy digital floor plan maintenance

Built with facilities managers in mind, we made editing floor plans effortless with a user-friendly interface, empowering anyone to maintain accurate digital replicas of their space - no prior knowledge of CAD required. Confidently experiment with new layouts, make real-time modifications, and revert to previous versions if needed.

Tailored Solution

Meeting you where you are

We understand as facilities managers you're being offered new technology daily. We give you what you need to keep a digital record of your space so you only have to digitize it once. We meet you where you're at, starting with whatever you have - a PDF floor plan, an image, a CAD/BIM file - and give you back a useful digital floor plan that works anywhere, any time.

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Flip the switch

With a central database of floor plans under your control, you'll be free to manage point solutions as needed without losing your floor plan info to a system or service you're sunsetting. We enable you to make the leap from today's solutions to tomorrow's innovations as simple as flipping a power switch.

Informed Decision-Making

Seamless integration and data-driven insights

We seamlessly integrate with critical enterprise resources. Whether you're syncing with enterprise asset management solutions, or integrating insights from IoT sensors, inventory systems, or workforce management platforms, we bridge the gap. This interconnected approach ensures a comprehensive real-time view for informed decision-making aligned with today's dynamic enterprise landscape demands.

Digitize once, useful everywhere
data maintainability

Leverage Artificial Intelligence

Smart facility management with AI ready data

AI is changing the world quickly, including in facilities management. Ensuring that you'll be able to take advantage of the new products and services that innovation in AI brings means making sure data about your portfolio is normalized, well-structured, and easy to translate into different data formats. Archilogic is built to handle the complexities of data management so you can focus on what you're best at. Your portfolio will be ready to connect with any new AI product or service you want to use without any extra effort on your part.

Actionable Insights

Real-time queryability

Imagine being able to ask your floor plan a question and get actionable answers in milliseconds. With Archilogic, this isn't sci-fi - it's reality. Solve real-world business problems on the fly through interactive, real-time queries.

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