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An integrated suite of products for all of your interior space needs

With an Archilogic model you can digitally represent and interact with your space in any way you need.

Whether you’re marketing space using 3D walkthroughs, planning space collaboratively, or operating space by keeping track of IoT hardware, you can do everything you need, all in one place

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Space digitalization, simplified

Creating a useful digital representation of interior space shouldn't require expensive professional resources and long lead times. We make it easy to take existing floor plans and convert them into data models that can be used for everything from virtual tours to data analysis.

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Give us a floor plan

Send us floor plan in PDF format or upload an IFC file.

Get a data model

We translate static information into dynamic spatial data.

Take advantage of our platform

Use our tools with your data model to build apps and experiences.



See how Archilogic helps you build better applications that understand interior space.


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Understand how the workplace is being utilized

Respond to the need for workplaces to innovate and digitally transform to improve user experiences, collaboration, reduce real estate costs and drive operational efficiency using technology and enhanced business intelligence
March 29, 2022

Illuminating More Efficient Routes for Dark Stores

Inefficient dark store layouts cause sluggish deliveries, confused shoppers, and customer complaints. Optimization of dark store layouts through the development and deployment of standards is extremely difficult at scale.
December 9, 2021

Revit Integration Proof of Concept

We created an import & export feature for .IFC files. Transfer your Archilogic model to Revit to add technical details like piping, heating, etc. In contrast, you can also upload a Revit model to Archilogic and then send a sharable link to your client to view the model. 
September 23, 2021

Layout & Furnishing AI

The system is a combination of search and optimization algorithms and computational geometry which is developed as a data-driven approach with input from people with diverse backgrounds (architecture, interior design, building operations) We deploy on AWS Lambda to ensure high availability and high elasticity.
August 30, 2021

Webflow Embed API

You don’t need to be a software developer to take advantage of these tools. Just copy the Embed code from the “Share” menu in your Archilogic model and paste it into your Webflow site. It’s as simple as that! For more detailed information check out the 3D embed API guide
June 22, 2021
Why Archilogic?

A technology-centric approach to interior space

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Onboard floor plans 10x faster

Time to market matters. Our Data Services team ensures you get access to your spatial data at warp speed. Thousands of plans? No problem.

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Code, not polygons

Integrations made easy. No more polygon drawing. Focus on what you’re doing best - building great applications.

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Change management without the overhead

Our world-class editor gives you full access to structured and standardized spatial data. Changes propagate instantly across all integrations.

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Spatial data when and where you need it most

Trying to figure out how to get useful information out of your BIM portfolio? Good luck! Archilogic has you covered.

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One platform, countless applications

Whether you’re building a resource booking application or running a whole suite of spatial applications - the Archilogic platform can power them all while maintaining coherence across your entire portfolio.

What our customers think

Archilogic is an integral part of how we share our floor plans and designs with customers. It has become a critical part of our customer journey, so much so that we've embedded Archilogic's 3D models directly into our website. Our customers love how much visibility Archilogic gives them into the product they are buying.

Nish Budhraja picture

Nish Budhraja

Director of Product

Archilogic's developer tools allow us to rapidly integrate detailed floorplans with Akenza's Business Intelligence modules, so we can directly create value for our customers and support them on their digitalization missions.

Michael Poglonik

Partner Manager  
@ Akenza AG

With Archilogic, we can design and visualise circular workspace solutions for our clients within days. Easy to use and visually stunning, it really helps us at NORNORM on our mission to redefine workspaces. With the excellent developer tools provided, we aim to build even more functionality around Archilogic going forward.

Peter Kjellman

Product Information Manager  

The 3D model solution helps JLL to showcase real estate offerings to clients in an innovative way. It brings the digital experience alive to enhance the client experience.

Yasmin Richter

Digital Manager

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Developer center

We believe that software engineers are first-class citizens when it comes to building information. We focus on creating useful, common-sense abstractions of space and assets that help you deliver scalable, elegant experiences across platforms.

With Archilogic's SDKs and APIs, you'll be able to digitize, manage, visualize, analyze, and integrate your entire space portfolio in a matter of days.

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