Space design in real-time

Make changes to your floor plan on the fly, wherever you are. Even in the middle of a client meeting, you can easily move, add or delete furniture in your online floor plan and instantly see the changes in 3D.

✓     Add, move and delete furniture

✓     Test-fit your spaces

✓     Share interactive models online  

Fast and intuitive design interactions

Break free from the document-based change management cycle. Use intuitive, web-based tools to collaborate with customers and stakeholders faster.

Edit furniture

Edit furniture

Add, move and delete furniture in your building model. Your saved changes will update the core building data and be published in your online floor plan and 3D model at the same time.

Edit furniture

Test fit spaces

To quickly iterate space design, you can use the test fit feature. It will automatically assess room size and function, and then recommend various furniture and layout options that fit the space.

Edit furniture

Export model as IFC

You can export still images of your designs or even export your 3D model as an IFC file that can be imported into BIM (Building Information Modeling) software such as Revit.

How it works

floor plan

1. Give us a floor plan

Send us a PDF, an image, or a model of a floor.

2. Get a building model

We turn your floor plan into digital assets and structured data.

3. Use it everywhere

View your space in 3D, generate renderings, analyze space information, and integrate your model anywhere you need it.

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