Helping with your Covid Planning

Analyze your office social distancing in less time

Planning for a safe return to the office during COVID-19 shouldn't take months or require expensive resources.  For the duration of the epidemic, Archilogic is offering one free commercial office floor plan digitization for businesses who need immediate 6 feet social distancing analysis of their layout.  Use our Editor to modify your layout and our social distancing calculator to help you identify optimal space utilization.

Zero Complexity

No CAD, BIM, IWMS, or CAFM required

Fast Iteration

Rapidly iterate with your design team to find
solutions for your space ASAP

Easy Integration

Share, embed, and operationalize
the new layout for your space

How it works

floor plan

1. Upload a floor plan

Give us a floor plan - Send us a PDF, an image, or a model of a floor and we'll create a 3D model - usually in less than 24 hours.

2. Analyze social distance

Use our calculator to determine how many of your desks can be used safely under distance requirements.

3. Iterate and optimize

Adjust the layout of your space to optimize the safe usage of your space.

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