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November 9, 2021

Frederic Schwarz

Wayfinding Demo

When arriving at a building and looking to navigate the interior space, people used to rely on brass plaques and paper notices. Building staff would have to put up those artifacts, and then take them down and replace them when they became outdated. Now, printing out wayfinding information and putting up analog map signage seems like a relic of the past. But, believe it or not, people still need to find their way around buildings to get to where they need to go. So, it’s no surprise that wayfinding has gone digital.

Companies are increasingly looking for simple and efficient digital wayfinding solutions for the workplace. Not only do building occupants and visitors need to know how to navigate from outside buildings to their interior spaces, but the rise of flexible workspaces and, with it, seat assignment and room booking applications to manage them, has brought with it the need for more accessible wayfinding solutions within offices themselves.

Employees, for example, should easily be able to book a seat or room on a digital map of their office and then be automatically led to the corresponding location. This might be a use case in which merging seat assignment and/or room booking with wayfinding into one application would be extremely useful.

It may also be helpful to know how far you have to walk inside the office to reach your destination, along with the fastest route. We’ve taken a stab at building this functionality into Archilogic’s Editor.

Built With Archilogic - A Wayfinding and Walking Distance Simulation for Interior Space

The Archilogic platform is not just a place to design and edit your interior space—we’re firm believers in building tools that let you understand the implications of your designs and quantify their impact so you can gain greater insight into your decisions.

To that end, we’ve introduced a Simulations app to the Archilogic Editor. Currently in beta, the app hosts a variety of simulations that can help you plan your spaces more intelligently. From social distancing to visibility to daylighting, these simulations overlay seamlessly onto your floor plans and provide valuable information to guide your design process.

The wayfinding and walking distance simulation is super intuitive and easy to use. When you open it, you will immediately see two blue dots (end points) connected by a blue dashed line. You can click and drag the dots anywhere on your floor plan that you want to calculate walking distance as well as the fastest path of travel. Every time you move the dots, the simulation will recalculate and the dashed line will update to indicate your new route.

You don’t need to be a software developer to take advantage of these tools. Just open your floor plan in the Archilogic Editor and start simulating!

By making use of Archilogic’s Simulations, it’s never been easier to show how interior space designs will perform in the real world, giving designers and real estate professionals the tools they need to create unforgettable experiences.

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