August 3, 2022


Since the beginning, our goal with the Archilogic platform is to make building information meaningful for the end-users and useful for software developers.

Building spatial data today remains highly fragmented. It’s expensive and slow to digitize a large portfolio of physical space. There’s no reliable interior space data standard that you can build technology or perform analytic comparisons across your entire portfolio. In addition, keeping the digital record of spaces up-to-date is complicated and often requires hiring a professional such as an Architect. We once heard a customer said, “It is much quicker for us to move a physical wall than updating the wall in the digital model.”

We are excited to announce the release of, a brand new web interface giving our users a better experience managing and updating their building spatial data in 2D & 3D.

Key Features and Enhancements

Improved search and filtering functionalities

Bulk editing metadata, archiving and deleting models

The ability to create and assign one or multiple labels to model(s), and queryable via Space API

View all your current and historical model orders

A new model editing interface

Improved bulk select and editing functionalities

More visibility options available

Various ways to export and share your building data (image, DXF, IFC, CSV)

Improved version history display and version restoring functionalities

Sign up or log in at to explore all the new features today. We look forward to hearing your feedback.

December 7, 2021

Autosave and publish

New Feature: Autosave & Publish in Editor

Archilogic Editor now autosaves all your work, even if you accidentally got disconnected, closed the browser, or your computer crashed.

You can learn more about how it works here


Once you are done with your work, simply click "Publish" to push all your changes to the web and to other native Archilogic applications instantly. Please note that only the last published version will be displayed in Viewer, Print, and Analyzer.


When launching a model in Editor, by default it shows the last edited version regardless if it is published or not.


You can easily restore to a previous version in the Version History menu

version history

In the event that you lost connection to the internet, we store your offline changes in your browser history so once your computer is reconnected to the internet we will be able to sync your offline changes.

offline changes
November 2, 2021

Distance Helper in the Editor

New Feature: Distance Helper in the Editor

We recently released a handy feature to help our users to be more precise about controlling the distance between assets and structural elements.

distance helpers in action
August 25, 2021

Custom room stamp display

New Feature: custom room stamp display on a floor plan

You can now add custom names and custom ID's to any space in your Archilogic model.

To display the space name and custom ID on your models - with an admin account, go to your Account page and toggle space name and custom ID display on.

If you wish to hide any field, you can simply toggle it off here.

Once you are done, click "save settings" which will apply your preference to all the models in your account.

To edit the name and ID of a space, open the model in Editor and select the space you wish to edit. Then simply type in the Space name or Custom ID field. Once you are happy with your edits, click save the model.

If you wish to hide any field before sharing the model with others, you can simply turn off the field you wish to hide in the Viewer or Print app's share setting.


If you wish to hide any field before sharing the model with others, you can simply turn off the field you wish to hide in the Viewer or Print app's share setting.

Print App

To query space name and custom ID via Space API - please refer to our developer documentation here

April 7, 2021

Performance upgraded

 Editor performance improvement

  • 3x loading speed
  • 3x rendering speed
  • 7x less memory usage

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