Autosave and publish

December 7, 2021

🎉 New Feature: Autosave & Publish in Editor

Archilogic Editor now autosaves all your work, even if you accidentally got disconnected, closed the browser, or your computer crashed.

You can learn more about how it works here


Once you are done with your work, simply click "Publish" to push all your changes to the web and to other native Archilogic applications instantly. Please note that only the last published version will be displayed in Viewer, Print, and Analyzer.


When launching a model in Editor, by default it shows the last edited version regardless if it is published or not.


You can easily restore to a previous version in the Version History menu

version history

In the event that you lost connection to the internet, we store your offline changes in your browser history so once your computer is reconnected to the internet we will be able to sync your offline changes.

offline changes

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