New Features & Improvements

New Features

  • Alt + drag to duplicate an element
  • Auto layout when changing space usage
  • “Test-fit” renamed to “Auto layout”
  • Finish measuring with double-click
  • Zoom to mouse position in orthographic 3d view
  • Warning in dashboard if editor has unsaved changes
  • Cut elements with Ctrl + X
  • Viewer v2.3.1 - this enables zooming-to-point in orthographic mode and also fixes orthographic mode in the Print app
  • Analyzer app - .xlsx export
  • Added feature to change furniture color and switch to similar item

Bug Fixes & Improvements

  • Improved inventory exports
  • Fixed rendering nested interior items when opening a scene
  • Fixed shortcuts on Windows
  • Mini-map - fixed issue where the position indicator would get stuck, especially on touch devices
  • Added unsaved changes warning when navigating from the Editor
  • Print app - fixed glitches and added better Firefox support
  • Print app - fixed issue where the drawing style wouldn't be reset in the Viewer app after you updated it in Print
  • Print app - improved the generated floor mode images by using saved bookmarks where possible (thanks for reporting)
  • Added loading bar for 2d and 3d
  • Added highlight to furniture in group when item is hovered over in list
  • Added x-ray mode when clicking "view group", & removed "edit group"

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