New Features & Improvements

New Features

  • Profiler navigation - zoom to extents
    - When 'zoom to selection' is enabled in the profiler, the floor plan view will zoom to the selected spaces. Spaces can be selected by tapping or clicking on the plan, or from within the inventory table
  • 3D navigation - double tapping or clicking inside the scene in person or bird modes will navigate you to a point
  • Mini-map navigation
    - Bird and person modes now include a mini-map in the upper-right corner of the viewport
    - The person mode mini-map displays the current position of the camera. Tapping or clicking a point in the mini-map will navigate the camera to a point
    - The bird mode mini-map can be used for room-to-room navigation. Tapping or clicking a room in the mini-map will navigate the camera to the room
    - Mini-map can be included in the standalone viewer by toggling the option in the share app
    - Mini-map is only available on tablet and desktop devices
  • Profiler layout improvements for small screens

Bug fixes & Improvements

  • New backwards-compatible URL system for embedded and shared scenes in the standalone viewer
  • Floor plan engine v1.3.2
  • 2D/3D toggle replaced by 'floor plan mode'
    - Floor plan mode button is integrated into the main navigation toolbar in the bottom left of the viewport
    - The viewer now smoothly transitions between the three modes: floor plan mode, person mode, bird mode
  • Zoom extents - tapping or clicking the floor plan or bird mode buttons a second time will always zoom the camera to the extents of the scene. For example, while in bird mode, the bird mode button can be pressed again to reset the camera position
  • 3D engine v1.8.4
    - Double tap or click in the scene to navigate to a point
    - 3D markers can now be included in the scene to give visual feedback for pointer events
    - Loading queue improvements
  • Floor plan engine v1.3.1
    - Theme support for custom plan styles
    - Support for zoom and pan animations

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