Introducing - a better way to manage and update your spatial data

Since the beginning, our goal with the Archilogic platform is to make building information meaningful for the end-users and useful for software developers.

Building spatial data today remains highly fragmented. It’s expensive and slow to digitize a large portfolio of physical space. There’s no reliable interior space data standard that you can build technology or perform analytic comparisons across your entire portfolio. In addition, keeping the digital record of spaces up-to-date is complicated and often requires hiring a professional such as an Architect. We once heard a customer said, “It is much quicker for us to move a physical wall than updating the wall in the digital model.”

We are excited to announce the release of, a brand new web interface giving our users a better experience managing and updating their building spatial data in 2D & 3D.

Key Features and Enhancements

Improved search and filtering functionalities

Gif improved search

Bulk editing metadata, archiving and deleting models

The ability to create and assign one or multiple labels to model(s), and queryable via Space API

Gif bulk editing

View all your current and historical model orders

image view all your current

A new model editing interface

Diagram new model editing

Improved bulk select and editing functionalities

Diagram improved bulk

More visibility options available

image more visibility

Various ways to export and share your building data (image, DXF, IFC, CSV)

image various ways  to expert

Improved version history display and version restoring functionalities

image improved version history

Sign up or log in at to explore all the new features today. We look forward to hearing your feedback.

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