Create a seamless walkthrough with camera bookmarks

🎉 New Feature: Create a seamless walkthrough with camera bookmarks

We recently launched a new feature that allows you to manage and add bookmark views. Here's how:

Gif plan 3D

In the Editor, toggle to 3D view > click "Bookmark" on the bottom left of the page.

  • To view each bookmark, click on the name tab
  • To copy a bookmark, click the duplicate icon
  • To rename a bookmark, double click on the text
  • To update the camera angle in a bookmark, simply clicking on the camera icon will override the previous angle with your current view
  • To delete a bookmark, click the trash can icon
  • To rearrange the order of a bookmark, simply drag and drop the bookmark tab to the preferred order

Lastly, be sure to save the file once you are done editing.

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