Bug Fixes & Improvements

  • 3D engine v1.5.1
    - Performance improvements for the new render styles
    - GPU memory optimizations
  • Floor plan engine v1.0.2
    - Improved visibility of scale bar when zoomed in
    - Optimized bounding box for smaller scenes
  • Fixed pixelated shadows on certain devices
  • Resolved rendering glitches using new 3D styles on iPads
  • QR codes in the share tab work now, including url parameters
  • Consistent title size in pdf export
  • Floor plan engine v1.0.0
  • 2D view:
    - Improved loading and reloading speeds
    - One finger panning
    - Scale indicator
    - Scale adjusted space labels
    - Improved coloring for plan readability
    - Hide ceiling lamps
  • Profiler: Added scale indicator
  • Print:
    - Added meter / feet toggle
    - Added area / length toggle
    - Added plan rotation option
    - Paper size adjusted scale indicator
    - Scale adjusted space labels
  • Added more space types to profiler
  • Fixed issues with iOS 9 devices

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