Bug Fixes & Improvements

  • New options available for embeddable viewer
    - Dark theme
    - Scene title
  • IE11 deprecation warning for April 30
  • Dashboard layout and viewer navigation fixes
  • Scene orientation normalized
  • Various 3D bookmark menu improvements
  • Show info for pending scenes
  • Fixed issues with 3D bookmark previews on IE11
  • Proper handling of custom interior elements in the 2D view
  • New 3D bookmark menu with preview images
  • 3D engine v1.6.2
    - Massive loading speed improvements, especially for very large scenes (up to 4x faster)
    - Smoother introductory animation while loading
    - Significant reduction in GPU memory usage
    - Enforce WebSocket connection to speed up loading
  • Floor plan engine v1.1.0
    - Improved rendering for stairs, kitchens, and curtains
    - Improved handling of larger scenes
    - Configurable room stamp size in print view
  • Restructured print menu
  • Fixed flickering polygons when zooming far out
  • Fixed out of GPU memory crashes on older iPads
  • Fixed line drawing for columns in print view

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