Editor gets a new interface

🎉 New Feature: Editor new interface

We are super excited to announce that we've released a new interface for our Editor!

  • Moved the tool menu to the left - where you can find the measure, furniture library, inventory, simulation, and save functions
  • Added a space & asset detail menu to the right - where you can see the metadata related to the selected component
  • Added total counts for each asset on a floor, and asset inventory list per space
  • Added the ability to rotate, move, and change the height of an object by value
  • Added a right-click context menu for quick actions
Gif plan

🛠 Bug Fixes & Improvements

  • Disabled Auto Layout when changing a space function
  • Fixed misc. assets render caching issue
  • 3d-viewer v2.4.6
  • Fixed version control history
  • Show no-floor-plan warning in order upload stage
  • Fixed saving error in scene settings pop-up
  • Fixed warning message for credit cards which need a 4-digit CVV
  • Fixed Viewer scenes not loading completely in Firefox
  • Fixed password reset

What you should do now

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