Editor V1 released

🎉 New Features

  • Editor V1
  • Drag in furniture elements from the side menu.
  • Change the room function and run a test-fit to see the furnishing change automatically ( beta )
  • Get a summary of the current inventory in a list view ( type and count ) > export CSV
  • See all changes immediately in 3D
  • Run simulations ( beta ) - daylight, circulation, privacy
  • Save plan or save copy
  • Saving the plan makes the changes available in all other apps like profiler, print and Space API
  • 3D viewer v2.3.0
  • New web-gl 2D engine
  • Added "delete" action in group & interior context menu
  • Added option to download inventory as .xslx
  • Added option to connect to local blender server
  • Added group editing with double-click

🛠 Bug Fixes & Improvements

  • Facebook login removed
  • Lots of UI cleanup
  • Fixed measuring
  • Fixed scripting tab and example scripts
  • Fixed showing floorplan
  • Fixed xrayMode
  • Fixed deletion of multi-selected nodes
  • Improved side menu width
  • Fixed print app being visible on smaller devices

What you should do now

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